Karoo Ranching | Film & photographic Location
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One of the ways KAROO RANCHING is raising the profile of farming is through film.


They also run various annual events, including their flagship event, The First Frontier Film Festival in June every year.


The ranch has become a sought after film location, by international film location scouts, offering a more cost effective alternative to filming in the USA.


KAROO RANCHING offers access to a wide range of scenery – from old farm buildings to Big Sky Karoo Mountains. It offers the perfect place for any film maker looking to capture the majestic South African Outback.


A stud of well trained horses each saddled with authentic leather tack, ridden by a selected cast of the KAROO RANCHING riding models are also available for filming. Models are subject to availability. Various herds of cattle are also used for filming on the ranch.


Kindly fill in the form below should you be interested in filming on the ranch and surrounds.


Your concept/idea will be presented to the executive directors of KAROO RANCHING for approval.
See you at the shoot out!

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+27(0) 76 984 4695